Smashin’ Fashion

August 4, 2014: Smashin’ Fashion 20140804-233156-84716508.jpg

Last Thursday I was warmly welcomed into the first annual Smashin’ Fashion event held by Sara Shah. I sure do hope this becomes a signature Houston event! Sara genuinely embodies true beauty with her desire to help women of all sizes and shapes realize that fashion is for everyone! The night began with red carpet hor-d’oeuvres and plenty of mixing and mingling. I felt lucky to have been welcomed into such a tight nit world at the art institute and enjoyed the embraceable vibe that began the night. (Thanks Houston) We took our seats and the show began with an introduction on  this true fashion show makeover and a short explanation. Ten Houston stylists were selected and ready to compete for a grand prize of $1000. Each stylist met their model for the first time a few weeks ago and were assigned two trend topics to style. (rocker chic, folklore, enchanted forest and red were just a few) The judges used criteria based on how the model felt in the clothes selected and how well each person pulled off the trend. The show began as each model showcased their first looks while simultaneously playing a video introducing the stylists with questions like “what inspires you most” and “what were your biggest challenges” Pre show I spoke with third place winner Taylor McClure of and this 13 year old super star chose her model’s clothes based on pieces they mutually liked she also revealed that she was most inspired by nature and everything around her. The show wrapped up and TJ Burns of was chosen as the winner! It was a WELL spend Thursday evening and I am so grateful for such an awesome opportunity!! I can’t wait to see what Sara has in store for next year!


Stay well 20140804-233155-84715739.jpg 20140804-233152-84712146.jpg 20140804-233149-84709906.jpg

I was DYING over this clutch!

IMG_2642 (2)

Heather Petry was my personal favorite stylist. Her skill in turning thrift-ed items into fashion forward looks is killer!

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Judges deliberating

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Contact me if you’d like a book or visit

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Taylor McClure of

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One of my favorite attendee’s outfits!

IMG_2663 (2)

Sara and Raven!

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The Kissue Sisters are like Houston’s Olsen twins lol I am in love with their minimalistic style and boutique  click HERE to view