Livin’ it


DESTIN: July 14, 2014

I spent a couple of hours exploring the coast of Florida on the back of this baby pink gem. Feeling free and the wind in my hair made me so happy and thankful for my life. I have such a loving family, they were making me laugh so hard while taking these photos… I felt so content in these moments knowing that I don’t need anyone else. I realized lately life is so much different when you focus on the positive things. ❤ so i am trying to do more of that. After playing on the strip for a while I found a neighborhood that only had about 4 houses built and as I was exploring up and down those streets with no one around my introverted side came out… and it felt good to be alone. Isn’t it weird how complex we can be? and how we can love to be alone just as much as we love being around our families and friends? What makes you complex?





I absolutely adore these shoes, the detail in the trim of the cut drew me right to them! immediately  I knew I had to have these unique little thing so…I got them in black too… and haven’t been able to take them off lately. Shorts come from American Apparel, Top is Nasty Gal and scarf is from H&M.