On the beach with Misha Sarai


My first collaboration with Misha Sarai resulted in this dress. I originally wanted something unique to wear to FPSF but with time and logistic issues it wasn’t in my hands until post concert. So, I took it along with me to the beach to get some righteous pictures! I find that the dress is bold but still versatile enough to wear in a few different scenes which is key to the success of any dress. wouldn’t you agree? I was first drawn to the LOUD color of the fabric and knew that accenting it with tribal beads would produce the free spirit look I wanted. As soon as I received the gem i wanted to wear it (of course) so I threw it on after work to wear on a Texas summer night out and paired it with some brown booties and felt amazing as I was pulled aside on four different occasions by boys and girls (lol) and asked where I got my dress. I felt such a tickle in my heart to get to respond with “I designed it” đŸ˜‰Â  The whole process of meeting with Ky, the brains behind Misha Sarai, made me feel a high from creating I haven’t felt in a while and I’m really looking forward to having more unique pieces added to my personal wardrobe. What do you like to create?

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tired cause it was SIX AM!