Look into my eyes, It’s where my demon’s hide..

20140622-010036-3636819.jpg                  June 22: Imagine Dragons + The Neighbourhood Concert is the topic for tonight. Both of these bands have come so far! I was obsessed with them over last summer and my friend and I were lucky enough to go to their concert last September when they were touring with the Neighbourhood. (they sing Sweater Weather) It was an amazing day. Brandon introduced me to Torchy’s Tacos that day and of course I fell in love!! If you are ever in Houston or Austin you have to give them a try. (: Unfortunatley phone died at the concert so I really only have pictures of the neighbourhood but the giant drum is something I’ll never forget about Imagine Dragon’s set. The energy Dan Reynolds had when performing shows his true passion and talent for playing. Music is one thing I will never stop being grateful for, it holds me when I am down, lifts me up when I am happy and is the one thing that will take me back to my happy memories in a split second.        20140622-010039-3639659.jpg

Wearing: Bettie Paige Crop top, Bettie Paige Highwasted Shorts & Aldo kicks

20140622-010040-3640660.jpg  20140622-010044-3644379.jpg