20140614-172321-62601075.jpg            June 14: I’ve been lucky to have been able to do some real reflecting on my life lately. Summer months are easy living and it’s always refreshing to have moments where I can process, reflect and revise or create new goals. This whole being the age of 22 has me continually realizing my life is in my hands 100%. I have to make all these decisions that never scared me so much until they are here. I think about my future and career so much it seems to consume me and make every move seem so critical. I constantly wonder if I am going to choose the right path. Will I stay passionate about my work forever? Will I be happy? Will I be doing something that gives my life meaning and fulfilment? Which brings me to even wonder what fulfills me… helping people. I want to be someone who makes a difference in the lives of others. Ecuador was an experience that helped this revelation come about in the serenity of the Andes mountains which you see below. The opportunity to go on a mission trip had me crying graciously so many nights  and brought me some of the most wholesome happy moments I’ve ever experienced in my 22 years of living. I miss it. I miss the loving family of Neartown church that welcomed me to their Ecuador team. I miss the kido’s that smiled as I tried to understand them. I miss the energy I had to be the best me. Ecuador has helped me to look forward to my future and actively seek out opportunities I will hold so preciously in my heart like the days I spent in South America…

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City of Quito! The view took my breath away 20140614-172328-62608912.jpg20140614-172326-62606750.jpg                   A catholic chapel we found at the top of the Andes, how amazing would it be to see Mass there! ❤20140614-172331-62611374.jpg 20140614-172332-62612455.jpg

20140614-172329-62609325.jpg 20140614-172329-62609717.jpg 20140614-172321-62601523.jpg

G$ on the road to change the world

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