On the Run

all black

June 12: I woke up today, like most days, missing California. Although I really do love Houston and all the heat, driving and traffic it comes with.. .Lately I’ve had such a pull on my heart to relocate to this beautiful state. It has always been a dream of mine to wake up in such a dreamy place every day. Unfortunately like most of my other dreams…. my parents are highly unfond of this idea which makes me feel discouraged and stuck but I think with the right amount of discipline, planning and work ethic the goal is very attainable. I’ve been praying for some direction that makes me feel exicted lately…. maybe I just found it?

These photo’s are from Palm Springs, CA ….some golf course we ran wild on 🙂 20140527-180243-64963058.jpg 20140527-180242-64962218.jpg 20140527-180242-64962624.jpg 20140527-180241-64961341.jpg20140527-180243-64963529.jpg 20140527-180241-64961798.jpg20140527-180242-64962624.jpg  20140527-180245-64965376.jpg20140527-180244-64964824.jpg20140527-180247-64967452.jpg