Free Press Summer Fest Day 2


Day two was bomb. Favorites were.. Robert DeLong, Die Antword, Jack White and Poolside. Leaving you with this awesome quote by fomer Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland…

“I think that we can consider that the gypsy look has now gotten into the bloodstream of most people who are interested in fashion. The girls and boys of today are really gypsies. They are not competitive. They amusme themselves in their own way and believe in the physical beauty of eachother.

embrace your unique beauty20140608-142601-51961097.jpg 20140608-142110-51670117.jpg 20140608-142559-51959020.jpg

Flame on. 20140608-142600-51960684.jpg 20140608-142559-51959419.jpg 20140608-142600-51960276.jpg 20140608-142113-51673289.jpg 20140608-142105-51665699.jpg 20140608-142558-51958132.jpg 20140608-142559-51959819.jpg 20140608-142109-51669688.jpg 20140608-142558-51958620.jpg 20140608-142112-51672098.jpg 20140608-142111-51671209.jpg 20140608-142108-51668444.jpg 20140608-142106-51666573.jpg 20140608-142109-51669262.jpg 20140608-142108-51668866.jpg 20140608-142107-51667829.jpg 20140608-142106-51666981.jpg 20140608-142106-51666165.jpg