Free Press Summer Fest 2014

20140604-091319-33199638.jpg Monday: I have been up since 6am. My brain has been in and out of the dream state, specifically the memories sector this morning trying to process the weekend. reminiscing on moments such as… the  “I’m home” feeling that sparks when you are basking in live music, taking naps under the sun, hippy dips, unruly requests, laughter and of course rain dancing…A couple of favorite moments are pictures here. But the real love between myself and a good festival lies in the new bonds you develop that can only be bound by time spent coming together for an event such as this. Where you are conditioned take the minimum amount of things to bring only the essentials like a good attitude, open mind, your dancing heart … and are rewarded with the maximum amount of the true intangible gems of life.. Memories with the ones you love ❤   Wearing: I linked some similar sandal’s & body chains but I purchased everything except my shorts from a store off Harwin Street & Hillcroft street in the H. Probably one of my favorite places to go for unique pieces. Gladiator Sandals HERE  Body Chain HERE  Fringe Crop top HERE   20140604-091307-33187936.jpg 20140604-091309-33189620.jpg 20140604-091319-33199217.jpg 20140604-091320-33200033.jpg 20140604-091318-33198357.jpg 20140604-091318-33198781.jpg 20140604-091312-33192576.jpg 20140604-091311-33191514.jpg 20140604-091315-33195315.jpg 20140604-091308-33188733.jpg 20140604-091321-33201221.jpg 20140604-091308-33188382.jpg I was obsessed with my hair like that. Thanks again Rin you’re the best! 🙂 I20140604-091314-33194418.jpg 20140604-091313-33193521.jpg 20140604-091310-33190691.jpg 20140604-091309-33189153.jpg 20140604-091311-33191160.jpg


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