Coachella: Day 3

20140526-114339-42219087.jpg          Coachella Day 3! Don’t you love how late and out-of-order my posts are?! ha. I think I just like living in the memories and through my posts I get reminisce while writing…I mean the wise William Faulkner said “the past is never dead… it’s not even the past.” In the morning our hippie fam invited us to go to the Renaissance pool before we headed to the grounds and there we had superb cocktails from their pool bar. I think Rin is still talking about them 😉 find her point of view HERE  I definitely recommend spending time there if you ever get the chance, it was voted best pool in Palm Springs. Afterwards we headed to the grounds and the magic began. Sunday was the most chill day for me I was ready to just go with the flow at that point and the only shows I HAD to see were Lana Del Rey and Disclosure… which were both amazing… we ended the night with whiskey/hot tubbing session and my first Coachella ends all too soon on a beautiful Easter sunday.

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