Cherub Concert


I’ve been meaning to keep you closer
It gets hard as we get older
Til always seems to weigh on my shoulders
But whatever you do
Remember what we’ve been through
Because I told you
To watch out for those vultures
They go straight for the soul first
Then move on to your heart
Then pick your life apart
Until they damn near own you

I just hope that you are listening
To the words I am speaking
I’m not one for doing preaching
But you’re falling off the deep end

And I told you
Don’t ever tell your secrets
Always try to keep them
Hold them til you’re finished
Oh, you’re to blame
Cause then they’ll always own you
Own you
Own you
Cause now they damn near own you
And it’s a shame

Promise me you’ll never change
Promise me you’ll stay the same
Promise me I’ll never fade
Promises I doubt you made
I can’t promise anything
Nothing’s ever guaranteed
Nothing ever stays the same
My life is just one big game
That you play”

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you’re going to have to go through him.


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