Coachella: Day 1

20140507-174035.jpgWoa. Returning to normal life back in the H was a bit of a shock after Coachella. Rin and I both had to resist the urge to dance the second we heard music in chipotle in palm springs on Monday because that is just not what society wants… (WEIRD) The memory of all fellow festival goers bodies attracting like magnets to the stage as one of the MANY magical artists began their set will always make me smile and bring an ultimate sense of comfort due to this concert connection I now have with 90,000 people. Our adventure beings on Friday at 4:26 AM with two hours of sleep we manage to sleepwalk on to our flights flowercrown on my head and all. We get to our hippie house for the weekend and all head out to the grounds… after an intense trek from the shuttles and a little bit of barefooted exploring we catch Ellie Goulding, Martin Garrix, Bastille, Haim, Flume, Chromeo, and Outkast. Solid but not satisfied… we looked forward to day two. which i will post about soon. (I feel like the worst blogger ever with the delay…. but its just hard to put into words one of the best weekends of my life…. ) It all happened so fast.. I’m still living in those memories.











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