You Can See that My City Found Me

051these outfit photos are from the night i went to see my first fight! who knew there would be so much blood! o_O …not this girl… i couldn’t take my eyes off the ring for two seconds so a well spent night most definitely. i always look forward to trying something new or doing something i have never done before. ¬†maybe its because of the adrenaline rush that seems harder and harder to feel as we age… or maybe because in the most innocent way i want to do everything (at least once). there is so much i want to learn through out life, i want lots of stories! some of my wildest dreams are to.. swim with sharks, own a motorcycle, camp at the bottom of the grand canyon, obtain my pilots licence, back pack through Europe for a year+ with my sisters to name a few. one of my most cherished dreams is to go on a mission trip and help in a third world country. it brings me tears of joy to say that i was given this opportunity and in four days i will be leaving for south america. i know it is going to be a life changing experience and i can’t wait to take you all with me…i’m going to try to post as much as i can. what are your craziest dreams? what actions are you taking to make these dreams a reality?

wearing: Houston skyline Hat, ray ban, rock and revival jean shirt, bobeau floral shirt, flying monkey jeans, my favorite Aldo kicks

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be good you all


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