Paris stole my Heart

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Greetings everyone! Today I really want to escape but because I tied up I will do the next best thing and reminisce on some of the most exciting days of my life. I was blessed to have the opportunity to study abroad in the fashion capitals of the world one summer and only then did I realize my passion… Travel. I feel like I am truly living when I travel. One of my favorite quotes by Conrad N. Hilton is “World peace through international trade and travel.” I believe 100% that by traveling you are challenged to learn, understand and appreciate other cultures. The diversity we have on this earth is a magical thing and it should be cherished. I try to treat this diversity with the utmost respect because we all have something to give and lessons to learn. Not only did I learn about other cultures and people but I learned so much about my self by immersing myself in one of the most cultured cities in the world Paris France. I was able to visit places I never dreamed of seeing in person… The Eiffel tower- which Mari and I chose to walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator… I hope you chose to do this too! We had a quaint lunch at Laudree which is a classic spot. My very favorite part was getting a private tour of Yves Saint Laurents design studio. I wish that I could have taken photos but it neat to hear stories and see his personal pictures. He sure did love his pugs! I have pictures below of me the captivating Palace of Versailles where Marie Antoinette spent her life indulging in the most luxurious things in a breathtaking setting… until she was beheaded. lol It was kind of crowded but walking around the magnificent estate made me feel like I was in a dream. I also have photos here of Pere Lachaise’s Cemetery where Oscar Wilde rests his grave site is covered in red kisses from his many admirers… “a kiss can ruin a human life” and another picture of the the brilliant composer Chopin. What is your passion? What makes you feel more alive than ever? IMGP0673 (2) IMGP0501 IMGP0542 (2) 1424 1422 251 1411 1412 1469 1467 1456lots of locks along the way1459 388 1414 342go Philippines 360almost made it to the top…. sike! IMGP0483 (2) 1260 (2) 1433 240 1271