IMGP0041 - Copy - CopyEver think about how everyone you encounter in life has unique experiences but there is always one way or another to connect. We all have felt. We all have succeeded and failed. We all have laughed and cried. We all have favorites. I think its a pretty neat thing to meet new people, share our experiences, listen and connect even though we area all vastly different. Everyone is unique and created out of love which is such a beautiful thing. I have such a deep love for humans and the complexity we all share. Recently I was lucky enough to make a few new friends and connections in an amazing scene of New Mexico.  We stayed in a sick pad with breathtaking views of the mountains and wonderful company. While skiing down a black on the backside of Angel Fire we decided to take a rest and explore into the woods a bit and we found a teepee. It couldn’t have been more perfect. (tip: the skii lift at the front of the mountain takes a long time, to maximize your time, skii the backside)  On our way out we stopped a the Vietnam memorial in Angel Fire, it was a neat area definitely worth a quick stop if you have the chance. I don’t  think I would have changed one thing about the trip except the leaving part…. Mountains, good people, drinks, hot tubs, snow, wilderness, ecosystems, lots of cheers and laughs. what places have you wanting to stay?




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