I ain’t from Dallas but I Dtown Boogie


Something about me and thigh high things. I purchased my first pair of thighigh socks last year and this year I went for the boots! (click here to view) I paired them with a leather legging and this top I bought from nordstrom that is unique because of it’s back. You’ll see it pictured below. Threw on some fur and a hat and left the H for the big D! Only three hours behind scheduled departure time… Once we were in Dallas we popped open the champagne to celebrated getting all A’s. room service then small hot tub sesh at the gorgggg Four Seasons pool area. Then headed out for a suuuuuper fun night with the one and only Snow check him out on soundcloud HERE… his you will twerkkkkk set = bliss. At night we all wore our high priestess head jewels and got tons of compliments and funny comments! “Are you guys princesses or something?” “is that like a spiritual thing?” and my favvvvvv “Are yall back up dancers for Selena Gomez?” I wore my leather skater skirt from American Apparel, urban outfitters thigh high socks and a tshirt I purchased at the Melrose trading post in cali that says.. “What matters most is how well you walked through the fire” and tildon booties + prada bag. Cowboys, Levu and siick loft afterparty… ended with roomservice. Cheers!


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how can we tempt you?