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IMG_6552FINALLLLY – I have been so anxious to share that I was asked to be a brand ambassador for A. Alexander about a month ago and couldn’t have been more thrilled that it was a Houston brand focused on giving clothes a story or meaning. My favorite days are always the ones when I have free range to dress however I want. (Often I have to dress up for meetings, guest speakers or events at school that require business professional)  Any who your style is SO important because it is the first means of communication to everyone around and I absolutely love those days when I can “dress to express.” When I am feeling happy and carefree I dress more boho or when I am feeling fierce or like a boss you’ll find me swagged up Htown style in my aldo hightops. 😀 I chose to wear this shirt on a gloomy Monday because even though its the beginning of the week and it seems like the week will never be over and everything is 10 times more sucky on Mondays… we still have the gift of Hope and I want all my readers to never ever forget because it’s a gift that is always there just for YOU! A. Alexander clothing has given me that positive edge right when I need it  and I am so thankful to get to work with such a meaningful brand. Follow them on instagram @aalexanderclothing your feed will be graced with apparel with meaning. If you’d like to buy a shirt like mine email your size to and wear it on days when you’d just like to share hope with everyone you encounter!

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