Where would you run to? :)

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September 24 Tuesday 11:30 AM

Kristen: “I think we need to do something adventurous and reckless so we feel guilty about it and will be more motivated”

Maddie: “Yea good idea i’m down.”

Kristen: “We’d be real if we went to Austin today”

September 24 Tuesday 11:35 AM

Kristen and Maddie = en route to Austin

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End of our night.

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kerby lane IMG_5536 - CopyIMG_5571 - CopyIMG_5475

was feeling pretty blue when the day started.

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the dog from the Sandlot… Hermes weighs more than me!

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but seriously…..what are we doing here.


Have a day on the Run everyone its good for the soul 🙂



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