Classic Vegas – With some Anthro inspiration <3

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Happy day to the loves of mine—–

So a few months back I saw these pants online and sort of fell in love with them but….

I wasn’t sure how they would fit or if they were pajama pants?!

a few days later Kristen and I are doing what we do best and wandered into the Anthro store in Austin and they had my size!!!

(JOY) so i tried them on and immediately I knew they would make a wonderful pair of traveling pants. (:

& yes that is the state of Texas on my finger 🙂


Susa Taperd Pants from Anthropologie

(the colors I chose sold out.. but they are on sale in a different color)

****Mint & pink rose Locket from JMP 75  -my favorite buy from my Pairs trip 😀

Pink Chiffon basic from Forever 21

Betsyville Bright Ideas round dial watch

****Valerie’s pick: Double vertical ing from Aldo — so glad she found that gem 😀

Animal Enamel bracelet from Charming Charlie